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Heirloom Tomato Seedlings by South Ga Seed Co

Growing a garden to me is really one of the most rewarding experiences there is! No really I mean it! Not only does it lower your grocery bill, but it’s also a great way to exercise! With the rising food costs lately and sadly the GMO products that are running rampant in the stores we decided to make a change. We wanted to eat healthy foods and know where our food was coming from. And of course we wanted to grow NON GMO crops which to me is so important.  I first learned about GMO products back in college and how there really isn’t a lot known about the effects they have on us and our environment. Then I learned about heirloom seeds and thought Wow! What a great way to combat the issues with NON GMO! So my husband and I started gardening and using NON GMO seeds and learning the in’s and out’s of growing your own food. Reality check! We first had issues with pest mainly stink bugs and then with blossom end rot on our tomatoes. But over time we eventually worked all that out with a little DE, awesome product by the way and we made sure our tomatoes where getting more calcium. So each year growing got easier Thank God!

Then after much prayer we finally decided to make a bigger change! We started a heirloom seed business! Big change for us, but we trusted God and tried it. And we found out that we really enjoy selling these awesome seeds! And to me heirloom is the only way to go! We also test the seeds we sell to make sure germination rates are good. For example we planted around 100 homestead tomato seedlings and all but a few sprouted! We are really pleased with the results!

And you know it really doesn’t matter about the size of your available gardening area, there are so many methods now for maximizing your space. For example aquaponics, raised beds, containers, and vertical gardening. And don’t be intimidated by gardening if you have never tried it! You might just learn to love it! Need seeds? check us out http://www.southgaseedco. there is a link on our blog homepage!

We support small gardens, farms, and homesteaders! We also use solar power for our small business!



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