Gardening Tips


You know gardening can be a great joy, but without some useful information can also turn out to be a nightmare or just big disappointment. So we have decided to list some common everyday tips to help make your gardening experience much easier and hopefully give you better results overall!

Tip #1 Always check to see what the Ph of your soil is. You can either do two things, one contact your local county extension office and ask them to do a sample, or buy a kit and do it yourself. Not only will this tell you your soil’s Ph , but also what nutrients your soil contains. Super important step in order to know what to add to your soil for plant health. Now if your soil Ph is high and you want to lower it add sulfur and if it is low add lime to raise Ph.

Tip #2 Keep your coffee grounds for composting. This makes an excellent additive for composting since they contain about 2% nitrogen by volume! Wonderful substitute for fresh manure especially if fresh manure is not available to use or if you shy away from manures period. Tea grounds also are good for composting as well.

Tip #3 Keep your egg shells for calcium! Calcium is a much needed nutrient to your soil especially for tomatoes, peppers for squash. Without enough calcium you tomatoes could end up with blossom end rot. You can either compost or add directly to your soil.

Tip #4 Try Diatomaceous Earth instead of harmful pesticides for pest issues. I am a big fan of DE, not only does it work for pets, and human use, but also for garden pests and best of all it’s organic! DE works because of its abrasiveness by actually scourging the insects tough outer exoskeleton. And unlike pesticides where bugs build up resistance, bugs don’t build up resistance to DE. It can be used to ward off all insect pest. So give it a try! We do sell DE in small quantities on our online store. DE also contains many trace minerals so good for the soil too!

Tip #5 Draw out a garden plan. My husband loves to draw out garden plans in order to make the most out of his garden area. This allows you to visualize the garden with mature plants verses small seeds. Some plants need more space than others and this allows for you to see where to plant your seeds and how many you can plant in that area.

Tip #6 Use Soaker hoses in raised beds and in garden area. Soaker hoses work wonders for gardening. We use them on our blue berry plants, lemon trees, and pear trees. We also use them on our grape vines and soon tomato rows. They offer a slow steady drip of water that allows the plant to absorb plenty of water yet conserves at the same time. Place a timer on it and wallah! Easy gardening system. They sell simple manual timers at Tractor Supply, Home Depot, Lowe’s and even Dollar General Stores. Just set desired watering time and leave. That simple.

Tip #7 Use mulch to help keep soil moist. This works great in raised beds, it cuts down on watering and allows for organic material to enter back into the soil as the mulch compacts and starts to break down. You can use grass clippings, wood mulch or bark, some use newspapers.

Tip #8 Instead of using chicken manure try rabbit manure. One of the best characteristics of rabbit manure is that it is considered a cold manure meaning you don’t have to compost it so you place directly around plants. It’s also cleaner and contains an good NPK ratio; it’s Nitrogen % is around 2.4, Phosphorous % 1.4 and Potassium % is 0.6. It works like a slow release since it is tightly compacted and breaks down over time releasing terrific steady food to your plants.

Tip #9 Try companion planting. This year I have decided to plant basil, tomatoes, and cilantro together. I am attempting to repel some common pests and also allow for some additional ground cover. Many people have had great results doing this, so I am trying it too! Let you know how it goes.

So there you have it! Some easy gardening tips perhaps to help you in your gardening adventure! for Heirloom Seeds


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