Ace 55 Tomato

ace 55

Ace 55 Tomato; Plant of the Week

There is nothing better than eating a vine ripe tomato straight out of your garden! Tomatoes are an all time garden favorite especially at our house! And one of the great things about tomatoes is there is a variety to suit every grower. Whether you like to grow tomatoes for canning, slicing, sauces, or eating on a sandwich there is definitely a choice for each purpose.

And so our plant choice of the week is the Ace 55 tomato!

Ace 55 tomatoes are a classic american favorite. The Ace 55 heirloom tomato is determinate which simply means that are a “bush” tomato and so they grow more compact. Determinate varieties are also said to bear their fruit all at once verses throughout the growing season. Ace 55’s are a very vigorous producer and tend to grow medium to large sized fruit that is thick walled.

One Pro about the Ace 55 is that it has a lower acid content and makes a better choice for a person who has issues with acid reflux. The downside to this is that it is not a good choice for canning, since it is lower in acid.

When growing the Ace 55, like growing any other variety make sure you give them the best location and soil you have to offer. Tomatoes don’t like cold weather so they need to be planted when there is no longer a danger for frost. Test your soil PH, Ace 55 tomatoes like a range anywhere from 5.0 to 6.0; you may need to add some high magnesium lime. Also make sure the soil drains well and add some well-rotted manure to give your tomato plants plenty of good nutrients and make up for poorer soils. If you start seeing pest use some Diatomaceous Earth. I started seeing some stink bugs around my plants last week and dusted them with some DE.

Keep a check on water since tomatoes plant will wilt and die quickly in the heat. You can also stake or cage, whichever you prefer, for support. And remember since they are determinate they will bear fruit in a short season all at once and most of their fruit is produced on the branches. Here is a planting chart below,

Seed Planting Depth: 1/4-1/2″
Germination Temperature: 70-85
Days to Germination: 6-9
Row Spacing: 60″
Plant Spacing: 18-36″
100′ Row Yield: 75 lb
Sun: Full
Harvest time: 80 days

There you have it our veggie of the week! Happy Gardening!

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