Live on Less & Cut Down on Spending


Not only do we sell heirloom vegetable seeds, but we are also homesteaders. We raise our own animals, create our own compost, use our own power, grow our own food, and use many other ways to cut down on costs and therefore live a simpler lifestyle. So for this reason we added a category for homesteading ideas to help you live on less money and be more resourceful. And over the years I have found many ways to cut down on expenses and I am going to share some of them with you in this article.

First off I highly recommend sitting down and going over your monthly expenses. It’s so important to know where your money is going so you can see the areas that you can improve upon and start saving those hard earned bucks! Whether you spend a lot of money on gas, recreation, groceries, credit cards, power bills, or just impulse buying there are so many ways you can cut spending in half and save more money. By doing this you are learning to live on less. So let’s go over some ways you can save money in these areas.

Groceries are something that I always try and save money on and one of the best ways is by growing your own food! I love going out into the garden and grabbing a hand full of fresh cilantro for salsa. Or cutting some bright green crisp lettuce for a salad. There’s nothing better than a vine ripe tomatoes for BLTs. Not only will you eat better, but the flavors are off the charts! You don’t lose valuable nutrients I mean think about it straight from the garden to your plate, that’s as fresh as you can get! You will save money, feel better, and have many great tasting meals! Also if you can get some chickens for the eggs and you will also have a good rich fertilizer as a bonus.

And you can cut down on your gas expenses by carpooling with others. Making fewer trips to town for things you need, get everything you need at once if possible. Pay bills online or over the phone. Drive the speed limit or drive around 55 to 60 mph, I know this works I have done this many times. You may be able to down size to a vehicle with better gas mileage. And search around for the best gas price in town.

Recreation is also an area where you can cut spending by using some simple ideas. If you enjoy movies and find you are spending massive amounts each month on videos either put yourself on a budget amount for renting or go to the local library and rent for free. Borrow your friends’ movies to watch or join a cheap monthly plan instead of going to the movie store every weekend. Also plan out your weekend trips ahead of time by figuring in snacks and drinks into the grocery budget instead of stopping at convenient stores. If you enjoy the outdoors go camping or nature viewing which is inexpensive. Take up a hobby such as photography to give you something to do on the weekends. Visit state parks within your area this is a great way to have fun. Split gas with friends when taking trips or take turns taking each other’s car. Or just simply stick to a budget for your weekend adventures!

Credit cards are a double edged sword they can be helpful and harmful at the same time. Try and call the credit card company and see if you can lower your interest rate. Always pay them on time and if you can afford to pay a little extra. Don’t use them unless you have and don’t buy on impulse. Save up the money for things you want instead of paying for it with a credit card. Leave it at home in a safe place. Or if you are tired of credit cards and want to get away from them altogether cut them up and just pay the bill until it is paid off. You can try and lower the interest rate on your mortgage, car, or other loans as well. Always pay on time and downsize if you need to and are able to.

And lastly try and cut down your monthly power bill by using less energy. If you know someone who knows something about water heaters have them lower the thermostat so it uses less power to heat the water. Use energy efficient light bulbs or buy energy efficient appliances. In my house we have the no lights till sundown rule which simply means no lights until after dark! If you need lights open the blinds up so you can see this doesn’t cost anything. Unplug appliances you are not using them. Use a clothes line to dry clothes this will save you a lot. Keep your air or heat at a set temperature and don’t continually adjust it. Some power companies will put you on a set amount based on your yearly average consumption. Always turn off appliances before you leave your home. Use the oven less. And if you can invest in a solar system or wind turbine even if it is a small setup it still will help.

So there you have it! There are many ways you can cut your expenses in half and save your money by simply using some basic strategies and ideas. I use as many of these ideas as possible to make the best use of the amount of income coming into my home. You may even come up with some great ideas of your own. So start putting some of these ideas into action and you may be amazed at how much you can save! Good luck

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