Reasons to Raise Chickens


You know there are many great reasons to raise chickens besides raising them for your own eggs. Chickens really do offer the owner a variety of other great benefits too and here are some below.

#1 They offer you a non hazardous type of pest control since chickens love insects! We let one of our hens, our oldest hen in fact, roam around the yard and in the gardens. And she constantly searches for insects and really helps keep down the pest population which would attack our gardens. So this is just one great benefit that chickens offer your home site.

2# Fertilizer is another great benefit that these animals can give you and your garden. Their fertilizer is packed with valuable nitrogen that your plants really need to thrive. And this is really good news because not only is it free, but is better to use than synthetic fertilizers, however never add it hot allow the chicken waste time to cool down. Hot fertilizers can burn up your plants it needs time to break down we compost our chicken waste.

3# Chickens are tilling machines! If you have ever observed chickens they love to scratch in the earth looking for food and while doing so they are constantly turning your soil in a rhythmic pattern. Fun to watch and good for gardening just sit back and watch then work!

4# Chickens also like weeds, they are great weed eliminators. Our white hen loves to go through the garden mowing down pesky weeds that compete with garden plants for water, soil, and light. So let them weed you gardens, very rarely have I seen them attack my vegetable plants believe it or not.

5# And lastly of course their eggs! The first thing you will notice when using fresh yard eggs is the amazing orange color of the yolk. And to me the taste is so much better than store bought. There is no hormones used and the nutrients is much higher than those purchased from a grocery store. It is said that yard eggs have 1/3 less cholesterol and 1/4 less saturated fat
. They also have 2/3 more vitamin A, and around 2 times more omega 3 fatty acids. We use Diatomaceous Earth for our chickens it 100% natural, and we use it to help prevent intestinal worms, mites and lice. It is a great product that will not harm the chickens or you. We sell it in our store @ We simply add to their feed and use it in their nesting area, but make sure to get food grade not all DE is the same.

Well there you have it great reasons to raise chickens!

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