Saving Tomato Seeds

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One of the main purposes of growing heirloom seeds is seed saving. So in this post I am going to tell you how to save your tomato seeds. Don’t worry it’s really easy! Side note, in order to keep the highest seed purity and protect the heirloom variety be sure to isolate different varieties from each other.

You will want to pick ripe to over ripe tomatoes from your vines, but make sure to pick good looking fruit from the best looking plants. You will also need a jar and lid or either a jar and coffee filter with rubber band. *Super important label jars so you don’t mix them up with other varieties.

Cut the tomatoes down the equator and squeeze the gel and seeds into a jar. Then add a few tablespoons of water to the gel. Once you have done this either add a lid or a coffee filter with rubber band around the jar. Some people don’t like the smell of fermenting so they add a lid.

Place the jar aside in a warm location for a few days, but not in direct sunlight. The mixture will start to ferment and grow mold on the top. It looks bad and smells bad, but this is normal! Don’t leave them in water longer than 3 days they could sprout on you.

Pour some water into the jar and then pour the mold off. Once you have done this pour through the rest of the mixture through a strainer in order to get the seeds. You may need to do this a few times in order to get the seeds clean.

After you are left with just seeds from the mixture spoon them out onto a drying rack or on a paper towel in a warm location. You might need to change the paper towel after about a week. Leave them drying for about 12-14 days.

Once dried place them in labeled bags or envelopes for the next year. You can also freeze or put in the fridge for longer storage.

And there you have it how to save tomato seeds! Need some seeds check out our store at


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