Why Heirloom Seeds are Important and also Seed Saving


You know the most interesting thing I have noticed about selling heirloom seeds is the fact that many Americans have no idea what they are. Often when getting ready to post an advertisement, for instance in a local paper, I would get asked what are heirloom seeds? So I decided to write this post to let others know a little bit about heirlooms and why they are important, especially in today’s time.

For starters we have all heard the term heirloom and we often relate this world to an attic full of old family items that have been passed down through many generations and carefully preserved, well that’s basically the same idea with heirloom seeds. These seeds have been passed down through family generations through seed saving methods and by carefully preserving each year. Most agree that most heirlooms Pre date the 1940s era which was when hybrids were introduced and widely used, however this is debatable among many seed saving organizations . Heirloom seeds are open pollinated seeds, meaning they reproduce the way God intended them to reproduce; pollen is scattered by wind, animals, or insects and therefore no human intervention is needed.

Heirlooms are mostly desired for their robust flavor, productivity, and hardiness. There has been an increase in growing heirloom seeds over the last few years and many gardeners once they plant heirloom varieties, never go back to using GMO or hybrid seeds. And seed saving is of course a fun part of the process of growing heirloom seeds. Seeds are harvested from a mature or overly ripen fruit such as a tomato or from a flowering plant such as turnips or lettuce. Once the seeds are taken from the plant they are dried out and then stored carefully for next years’ garden. You never have to buy seeds again! You simply repeat this process over and over again. Heirloom seeds have not been genetically or chemically altered and are a safe source for food for your family. GMO seeds can’t be used over and over since they will not have characteristics of the parent plant; we also don’t have a lot of information on the adverse effects of GMO seeds. And with GMO products running rampant in our stores, it is super important to save heirloom seeds. There could come a day when these seeds are not easily found or no longer sold. Many people are freezing heirloom seeds for future use, even if they don’t garden at this time. We sell seed banks that are sealed in Mylar with oxygen absorbers for longer lasting seeds. We also recommend freezing them if you do not intend growing them soon and also saving the seeds each year.

So to recap you can save heirloom seeds over and over again through seed saving methods, they are safe for your family, they are open pollinated, and they have a terrific flavor. And besides growing a garden saves you money! If you need seeds visit our store at http://www.southgaseedco.com


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