Saving Bean Seeds

beans 2

So saving beans seeds is super easy and I will tell you how to in this post. Side note, in order to keep the highest seed purity and protect the heirloom variety be sure to isolate different varieties from each other.

You will want to wait and harvest seeds towards the end of your growing season because once you start letting the pods mature on the vine the plant will slow down on production and always look for the best looking bean pods for saving.

Let the pods stay on the vine to dry out; they should be ready when they turn anywhere from a light brown to a light white in color.

Pick the beans pods you like and carefully shell them. Throw away any excess pieces and if you want to you can even allow them to sit a cool dry place for a few days. Then place the dry beans in a labeled envelope and save for the following year; side note you can freeze for refrigerate them too.

So there you have it, it’s that easy, need seeds visit & always Happy Seed Saving!