Saving Lettuce Seeds


Saving lettuce seeds is not much different than saving other seeds, it just works a little differently. So I will tell you how in this post. Side note, in order to keep the highest seed purity and protect the heirloom variety be sure to isolate different varieties from each other.

Lettuce will start to bolt or send up long stalks once warmer temperatures move in. It will start growing tall and resemble a common weed! Its amazing to look at! Anyway, be patient and wait for this to happen because this process can take anywhere from days to many weeks. After a while you will notice blooms that resemble dandelion seed heads on the stalks.

And once the plant is blooming it isn’t too long before you will have some seeds to harvest. Keep in mind you don’t want to eat the leaves they will taste bad.

After a while the blooms that appeared will begin to dry out much like dandelion heads and then its time to harvest seeds. You then remove the seed heads as they dry out and shake them into a bag or bucket.

Once you have removed the seeds, simply clean out any excess debris and store them into a labeled envelope or Ziploc bag. Place them in a cool dry place or you can freeze them for longer storage.

So basically not that complicated, just patient waiting! Needs seeds visit


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