Home Stead Tomato Seeds Drying Out

Seed Saving

Okay so this past Friday we started the drying process for some Home Stead tomato Seeds for South GA Seed Co. These, in the picture above, were kept in a glass jar, covered and left outside for about a week. Once there were good and fermented we removed them and rinsed them well in a strainer. Next we placed them on a seed drying rack my husband made and placed them in front of a fan for about a day. The fan provides good air circulation and quicker drying time. And lastly we moved them to the seed room and allowed them to dry for a few more days. You want to make sure they are good and dry before packaging. God Lord willing, these will be sold on South GA Seed Co.com, but we are currently saving some more Home Steads for bulk inventory and these will probably go in Mylar with oxygen absorber. This is super easy process and it’s pretty fun to do. If you need the entire process check out our Homepage and click on the post tilted Saving Tomato Seeds; this will give you the process step by step! Thanks guys and Happy Seed Saving!

Need Seeds Check out our store @ www.southgaseedco.com


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