Raising Rabbits


Yep, that’s right baby rabbits almost two weeks old! New Zealand Whites

Raising rabbits to us is one of the best choices when it comes to raising small livestock. They are clean, beautiful, taste good, prolific, easy maintenance and fun! They make good manure too which can be added directly to the plant since it is considered a cold manure meaning you don’t have to compost it. They can offer a lean meat choice that is high in protein. And since they are prolific breeders you will have plenty of food to store in the freezer if you are breeding them for that purpose. And if you don’t plan on eating them you will definitely want to control breeding. Rabbits gestation is around 30 days and they are weaned in about 4 weeks so that means they can breed often which can easily get out of control. We started with 3 rabbits, 2 females and 1 male and we had went from 3 to a total of 9 overnight.

And when compared to raising other livestock your feed conversion ratio is quite good. Rabbits also don’t need a lot of space and are easy to maintain. We recommend an all metal wire cage with plenty of room to stretch out in and maybe a board or something to give their feet a break from the cage. A good size for a rabbit cage is 2 x 3′ then simply add a feeder, watering system, and hay rack and you will have a nice cozy rabbit house. You can also hang or stack these cages one on top of another and add a pan system to catch the waste so you can direct it away from the other rabbits. That means that just about anyone can raise them with very little room needed. But make sure they have shade especially in the summer and a wind break for cold winters.

You can also research different ways to feed them naturally if you want to steer clear of processed feeds there are a variety of different options to choose from such a forms of hay, safe weeds, vegetable trimmings from the garden, wheat, rye, oats, clover, and even sunflowers!

So there you have it a little information to perhaps get you started!

Thanks for reading!

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