Simple and Safe Wasp Killer?


Simple wasp killer!

I don’t know about you but wasp spray seems pretty costly to me! It’s 3 to 4 dollars a can and the chemicals in them can be pretty harmful. Well I got to investigating and think I might have found an easier and less harmful alternative.

Now mind you I was pretty skeptical when I first heard about it, but I figured I got some dish soap why not try it! Well it actually worked. All we did was mix up some water and about a 1/3 of a cup of ajax dish soap into a one gallon sprayer. We mixed it up with just under a gallon and water and sprayed the nest. These wasp were actually dropping like flies I was amazed!

The reason it works is because wasp breathe through their skin. The soap coats them and so they are not able to get oxygen and die. We have had to do this a lot this year since we had some land cleared and the wasp decided to take up residence around our barn and home. I was pretty impressed with it! Cheap, safer than spray, and did in fact work. Make sure however you stand as far away as you can when doing this please use caution and if you are allergic please get someone else to do this. We don’t want anyone getting hurt!

I just thought we’d share this idea with you. Now some say it doesn’t work, however I have seen it kill the wasp and within seconds. But we will let you decide.

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