Growing Spinach


Spinach is one of my favorite greens to eat and now is the perfect time to sow your seeds to get a Fall/Winter crop.

Many people start sowing  their spinach seeds in September or October. Start by sowing them 1 inch apart and then thin them to 3 inches apart as they begin to grow. If you live in a colder area you may want to cover them with mulch however this is not necessary. Spinach loves good soil so till in some mushroom compost or whatever you prefer. And if your soil is acid throw in some lime and keep in mind guys spinach likes plentiful moisture in the soil.  Now one of the best ways to harvest spinach is to take cuttings once the leaves grow to preferred eating size and continue to harvest until it goes to seed. You can also eat seedlings as you thin if you run out of room in your garden space. Blooms dale is a great Fall/Winter spinach variety and we do sell this at our store to order go to

Happy Gardening!






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