Seeds & Things is a new Christian family-owned and operated business right here in South, GA. This is not just a business to us, but instead a way of life since we use the same seeds we sell to grow our own food! At Seeds and Things we do everything ourselves by hand whether it’s seed packaging, product labeling, or producing catalogs. We enjoy what we do and we really strive to treat our customers as we would like to be treated. So our primary goals are to provide quality products, excellent customer service, along with low prices! Our company specializes in NON GMO Heirloom Seeds, that can be passed down from generation to generation. We only sell genuine heirloom vegetable seeds that are very wholesome and quite delicious! And not only do we sell heirloom vegetable seeds, but also a variety of herbs. We are a licensed seed dealer in the State of Georgia and we also have personal experience with growing and handling these awesome seeds.

We support homesteaders, small gardens, and small farms. Seeds and Things is an advocate of  clean energy and we use solar power for our business . We also raise our own animals for food and organic fertilizers. We use NON GMO seeds, we are against genetic modification. Our small business has signed the seed pledge! We look forward to sharing information with others!

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  1. Hello, I bought seed from you on 5/24/13 for 4 packets of Japenesse Cherry tree seeds and they were sent out on the 5/25/13. . There were 10 seeds in a packet and there were 4 packets for a total of 40 trees. as of today there are only 12 seedling that came up. I did as you say when planting them. I tried to E- mail and was told you do not exist at that address yjrayan15@cox.net I would like to talk to some one as to this matter.Thank you al Dziukiewicz. O, the order # is88636 {104-7164085-5189855

    • Hi there nice to meet you! Unfortunately we don’t sell Japanese Cherry tree seeds. We don’t sell any tree seeds for that matter. I think you may have us confused with Seeds and Things from Amazon. I hope they can help you out with your problems however and God Bless!

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